Episode 34: Conscience over Contract with Rosa del Duca

As part of our extended Veteran’s Day of Our Discontent celebration (er, we’ll call it that, sure), Joy sits down with fellow writer, musician, and veteran Rosa del Duca to discuss the various strategies they have both undertaken to unfuck their minds from the Army’s fuckery. As a conscientious objector, Rosa’s journey through the star-spangled unlearning is an especially enlightening and inspiring one. Stay tuned after the convo to discover the reason for Sarah’s mysterious absence, hear the gals try some “light banter” (goes about as well as you’d expect), and come up with a million-dollar Kickstarter idea. Well, technically, Frank Herbert came up with the actual idea in Dune but we came up with the idea to crowdfund it — and, no, it’s not the spice melange. But, if anyone has the spice hookup, hit us up.

Featured songs are: “Orion,” “Painting the Roses Red,” and “White Lies” by Hunters, courtesy of the artist. 

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