These are revelationary times, there are folks out there doing the real work, and these two affable weirdos want to talk to all of them. Join writer/librarian Sarah Baranauskas and singer/songwriter Joy Damiani* as they sit down for uncensored conversations with artists, organizers, educators and a glimmering array of visionaries. If you’re seeking deeper understanding, insight, and maybe even a medicinal dose of hope with your apocalypse, accompanied by a soundtrack of indie music, this might be What the Folk you’re looking for.

Sarah Baranauskas is a wordsmith and library wizard who enjoys conversations about psychedelic therapy, apocalypse fashion tips, and generally improving the state of the world through both material and magical means.

Twitter (when she uses it): @sandequation
Instagram (for heavily filtered photos of her cats): @sandequation

Joy Damiani* is a writer, musician, and disgruntled veteran who credits the military with inspiring her work to end war and help fellow vets regain their humanity after becoming civilians again.

Website: www.joydamiani.com
Twitter: @trynottobeadick

*formerly known as Emily Yates