Episode 32: Gratitude in Action with Lola Jean Darling

a smiling woman with long dark hair and cat-eye glasses sits in a chair holding a guitar

The fabulous Lola Jean Darling returns for the latest episode of What The Folk! We go on a journey through the NOLA mutual aid response post-Hurricane Ida, discuss why adaptability is better than planning, consider how to turn anxiety into art — and even find time to throw some casual side-eye at René Descartes. Extra laughs and extra realness abound in this one. Afterward, Sarah and Joy dive into their shared fed-up-ness with the vaccine discourse and their shared loathing of comic sans font, while wrestling with various issues of human nuance. If you stay till the end, you will be rewarded with some questionable Canadian accents too!

Insta: @lolajeandoesart
Bandcamp: lolajeandarling.bandcamp.com

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FEATURED MUSIC: “Waves” and “The Years” by Lola Jean Darling, courtesy of the artist

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