Episode 30: Unlearning Patriarchy with Crash Barbosa

We’re baaaaack! Our couple weeks off turned into three months but what is time during the apocalypse anyway? For our triumphant return to your earholes we are joined by Crash Barbosa, a recording artist and activist based out of L.A. We dive into his horrifying, politically motivated arrest story, mental health activism, unlearning systematic oppression from the inside, and why you should always call authority figures by their first names. Afterward, Joy and Sarah discuss their respective breaks, look back at 9/11 and Occupy Wall Street, and pay tribute to Norm Macdonald by discussing the right-on class politics of “Dirty Work.” Note to self: you won’t want to miss this episode!

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FEATURED MUSIC: “Activism” and “Solidarity” by Crash Barbosa

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