Episode 9: Why Not Both? with Clayton Ickes

On this episode, we are taking a trip with Clayton Ickes, president of Psychedelic Club. We talk about our tendency to see psychedelics as a “savior,” what a legit psychedelic renaissance would look like, and wrestle with thorny issues of colonization and privilege vis-à-vis movements around drug liberation. Oh, and there’s some light discussion of Japanese death cults. Afterwards, Emily and Sarah break down our weird tendency to make people into saviors, specifically in regards to RGB (fare thee well), and discuss how easy it is to make a reasonable, nuanced point that is well received on social media.


Featured music is “Travels” by Summer Alicia, courtesy of the artist. Check her out on all the streaming platforms and on Instagram @ susummasummz

What the Folk · Episode 9: Why Not Both? with Clayton Ickes

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